Indian Lake Ohio Real Estate & Information

Indian Lake Ohio Real Estate & Information

Originally a feeder lake for the Miami and Erie Canal, the state purchased Indian Lake for a state park and S.L. Wilgus built Sandy Beach Amusement Park near Russell’s Point. Called “Ohio’s Million Dollar Playground” and the “Atlantic City of the Midwest,” the park included a roller coaster, rides, boardwalk, and dance hall. Minnewawa Dance Hall brought in Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee, Patti Page, Dinah Shore, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and more. The park closed in the 1970s, but a steel arch bridge that spans the harbor serves as a relic of its illustrious past. Indian Lake is also one of the country’s major avian migration routes, and provides a resting stop for Canada geese, ducks, swans, egrets, and herons. Many species nest here in the summer.

Recreation & Relaxation

Indian Lake includes many islands and “Indian Isles” – chains, channels, inlets, and bays with abundant wildlife. Indian Lake State Park offers year-round recreation on the 5,800-acre lake and 800-acre park. Activities include camping, boating, swimming, fishing, water skiing, hiking, miniature golf, basketball, volleyball, bicycling, and more. The park has playgrounds, a nature center, picnic areas, shelters, well-appointed camper cabins with electrical hookups, heated shower houses, laundry facilities, camp commissary, launch ramps, and boat docks. There are two public swimming beaches, Old Field Beach and Fox Island Beach. Boaters can also swim around Walnut and Red Oak Islands. Anglers can catch the largemouth and white bass, saugeye, crappie, walleye, yellow perch, and catfish. For hikers, there is Cherokee Trail, which is an easy 3-mile walk through brushy habitat. Pew Island Trail is a 1-mile path around Pew Island, and offers great views of the lake. There is also a 4-mile paved bikeway for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians. The bikeway is located on the West Bank between Old Field Beach and Lakeview Harbor. Cherokee Hills Golf Club and Indian Lake Golf Club are two popular courses.

In addition to taking advantage of the lake’s beauty and amenities, the area is characterized by locally owned businesses. Flea markets, antique shops, boat sales, service, and supplies, sporting goods, and hardware and grocery stores support the area. There are a number of popular restaurants, including Lucky’s Pizza and Restaurant, Acheson’s Resort, Aunt Mille’s Restaurant, Major’s Beer Dock and Pizza, Captain’s Point & Captain’s Pub, The Landing Tavern, Tilton Hilton, Cassano’s Pizza & Subs, Indian Head Roadhouse, Froggy’s at the Lake, Woody’s Diner, and many more.

Indian Lake hosts annual festivals and events and kicks off the season with a Jimmy Buffett weekend. The Ring of Fire celebrates the beginning of fall by lighting flares around the lake’s perimeter. The Maple Syrup Festival hosts a pancake breakfast and wagon rides while the Party at the Beach has live music. There are also fishing tournaments and other holiday events and celebrations.

Mad River Mountain, Zane Caverns, Piatt Castles, Marmon Valley Farm, and the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum are a few nearby recreation destinations.

Life by the Lake

Russells Point and Lakeview are two quiet and quaint villages on the lake that offer real estate that is affordable for many potential home buyers. Russells Point is on the south end and has a population of just under 1,400. The median house or condo value is approximately $87,000, significantly lower than the state’s average of $134,000. There is a predominant mix of small and medium-sized properties. For two-unit structures, the median price is approximately $115,000. For larger dwellings of 5+ units, the median price is approximately $138,000. Russells Point’s homes for sale also include established and older homes, and some newer properties.

Lakeview is a bit smaller, with approximately 1,000 residents. At approximately $85,000, Lakeview’s median house or condo value is comparable to that of Russells Point. There is a mix of smaller and medium-sized homes for sale, with detached unit mean price at approximately $110,000. Both communities offer lovely waterfront homes for sale in addition to village properties.

The economy of Russells Point and Lakeview comprise manufacturing, production, sales, service, and retail providers. There are also a number of unincorporated areas that make up the lake community, including Wolf and Orchard Islands, Artists’ Isle, Waterbury, Dunn’s Pond, O’Connor’s Point, Lake Breeze, Long Island, Avondale, King’s Landing, Turkeyfoot and Sassafras Points, and Chippewa and Blackhawk.

Indian Lake School District includes Indian Lake Elementary, Indian Lake Middle, and Indian Lake High School. The schools have achieved awards for excellence in Race to the Top’s education reform. Students also participate in unique partnership with Indian Lake Watershed Project, which offer classes on the area’s fragile ecosystem. Wilson Memorial and Mercer County Community Hospital are minutes away. Routes 33, 366, 720 are the major arterials.

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