When buying a home, the first step is to determine your financing and obtain a preapproval letter for a loan.  This first step is important to help set the pace for the remainder of the process.  Knowing your price range and loan type will launch your home-search!  

Second, get a REALTOR® and we recommend us!  We have many great agents available and you can pick one who can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Next, determine what you want in a home: location, size, style, features, time-frame to move, etc.  Want a basement?  Need to be close to work/school?  These search criteria help yourself and your REALTOR® find the best suited homes available on the market.

Then, secure a purchase contract.  This means making an offer through your REALTOR® to purchase a home. A seller can accept, reject or counteroffer the terms you present in your offer.  Your REALTOR® will help you negotiate and get your purchase contract accepted.  Get everything in writing and all parties to the offer must sign to secure your purchase.

Navigate the closing process means having contingencies meet, doing inspections, lender's appraisal and more.  Your REALTOR® will continue to guide you along the way!

Finalize your purchase.  Once you have completed all the requires for your purchase, you can schedule a closing date with the selected title company and get ready to close.  At the closing, you'll sign documents and finalize your purchase.  

Hope you find this brief summary helpful!  Contact Royer Realty LLC to start your home-buying process today!