First, find a local REALTOR® with knowledge of the current market - You'll find one here at Royer Realty!  Check out "Our Agents."

Determine your market strategy with your selected REALTOR® - set the asking price, decide if there are repairs or maintenance items needed before marketing, discuss your exit plan (how long do you need to move, where are you going, etc) and other key factors.

Active Listing - Your home will be photographed and a market description created.  Your property will go "live" online and syndicated to many home-selling websites like and to name a couple.  

Buyer Showings - Now that your home is active on the market, you should start to receive showing requests from potential buyer agents.  We have some great programs to help track appointments.  Ask about ShowingTime!

Negotiate a purchase contract - if a buyer wants to buy your home, they will write an offer with their agent and that agent will present the offer to your agent.  You can accept, reject or counteroffer the buyer's terms.  Your REALTOR® can help guide you through this process too.

Inspections/Contingencies - many buyer offers have requests for allowing inspections and other contingencies like financing, appraisal and/or other terms.  Once these contingencies are met, you can move onto the final phase.

Finalize the sale at closing - once the terms are satisfied in the offer and all contingencies removed, you can get a "clear to close" and set a closing date with the selected title company.  At the closing, you'll sign documents to transfer ownership to the buyers, settle up any outstanding debts like a mortgage, plus pay the commission, county taxes, conveyance fee and settlement fees.

For more information, check out the "Selling" page.